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As a value-based company, Keen Footwear strives to make both shoes and a difference in the world.

“I know a lot about Schema, but I don’t have to with Schema App, which is what I think is really amazing about your company.”

Havalah Gholdston
SEO Manager
Keen Footwear

The Schema App Challenge

Havalah Goldsten, SEO Manager of Keen Footwear, understood the value of Schema markup and wanted to apply it to all 19 Microsites, but adding Schema markup manually to each site was difficult,  if not impossible. Additionally, Keen Footwear faced significant hurdles in determining how to deploy Schema markup to the different page types. For instance, their Blogs didn’t have a consistent format so when they tried to apply the markup, they immediately ran into problems.

The Schema App Impact

Schema App enables Keen Footwear to:

Markup all 19 microsites (versus just the U.S. and Canadian sites)
Markup pages (e.g. Blogs) with inconsistent templates

With the addition of Schema markup on the U.S. website, Keen Footwear is on pace to hit a:

20% year-over-year organic growth

No Consistent Template … No Problem!

Keen Footwear recently migrated to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formally known as Demandware) which provided some significant hurdles to overcome.  One of the biggest challenges is that the tool isn’t a content manager which made marking up pages without templates difficult. For instance, there was no consistent template for Blogs and because of the assortment of image sizes, text sizes, text placement and so on, when they tried to deploy markup through Tag Manager to the Blog pages they ran into a problem. The Schema App team figured out how to deploy the XPath to those pages. Keen Footwear no longer looks at a lack of template as an obstruction to applying Schema markup.

Schema App Increases Effectiveness by Connecting Entities

Havalah understands that every page on the internet can be seen as its own individual entity (or thing). She wanted to determine which entities on a page could relate to other entities elsewhere on her site but recognized that academically this is a challenging concept. She was thrilled to learn that the Schema App team is well versed on this and that the Schema App architecture makes it easy to determine which Schema can be added to her category level product page that relates to their blog page, and so on.

Straight from Our Customer

Schema App is at the forefront of schema markup strategy and implementation, providing enterprise solutions to some of the top clients across the world. To learn more about our structured data solutions and how we can help you reach your online business goals, contact our expert team. We’d love to hear from you and help you get started!

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